How to Win at Omaha

Omaha is one of the most interesting and popular variations of poker. Millions all over the world play it. Just like any other poker variation, it requires skill, dedication and patience unlike any other. It is very tough to master this game, but if done correctly, it can be a very rewarding card game for you. Many people who play No Limit Texas Hold em are trying their hand at Omaha after they have their fill of Texas Hold em and the main mistake that people make is thinking that they can use their knowledge of Hold em and its strategy to excel at Omaha. The only similarity is that they are both played with five community cards. Omaha uses a combination of two pocket cards and three community cards.

While playing Omaha, there are many things to keep in mind. One of the best tips that anyone can give you is that big pairs rarely ever make the cut and win. Many a times, people re-raise with a pair that they feel they can win. You must remember that Omaha is a game that is more focused on straights, flushes and full houses. So steer clear of having that pairing of an ace and a small card that you feel will give you a better chance of winning.

How to Win at Omaha

In Omaha, many of the players will hold fort and stay to see the flop and hence a positional raise will not work. Many people may be holding four cards and they might see a reason to see the flop.

Omaha is a game where it is very much possible that a player will have the absolute Nuts after the river. If you are not drawing to the Nuts after the flop then you may find yourself in a compromising situation. You may need 16 to 20 outs to stay in after the flop. in most cases, your only option will be to showdown your hand to have a shot at winning.

As more players stay to see the flop in Omaha, the pot is very large. There will be lots of bad beats on Omaha and hence you must have the emotional control and restriction if you want to play and excel in the game. Remember that just like every other game, a game of Omaha requires you to be at the top of your pile when it comes to knowing the rules inside out. Only then will you be able to find loopholes in the game and have a shot at winning. Be sure to plan out your strategy and pay careful attention to your opponents. This will be the key, because just like every other poker game, it is very important to keep track of your opponent’s reactions to the hands that they draw.

If at any point you feel like things are not panning out your way, do not lose hope. Step out for a while and take a breather. Clear your mind and get back to the table. Keep your emotions in check at all time and make sure you do not give away your true facial expressions because the other players will be watching you too.

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