When to Check in Poker

About the game: Poker is a game that is all about making the right decisions at the right time. There are many decisions that a player has to make at the drop of a hat in a game of poker and this is never an easy task. With the help of carefully studying the rulebook and practicing the game thoroughly, one can acquire the skill required behind decision-making in a game of poker. There are many sites online that help you practice this art and go over it until you are perfect with it. The decisions could make or break your game of poker and hence you need to know exactly when to make what call. There are three main kinds of recurring options or decisions that one can depend upon for every hand in poker. They are either of calling, raising or folding the bet. Only once you have completely grasped the concept behind each of these terms can you claim to know when to make what call.

In this article we will look at the art of knowing when to check in poker. Knowing when to check in poker is a bigger deal than it may seem to be. There are a lot of considerations to be kept in mind before checking during a hand. The difference can mean the end of your game or even victory if you play your cards right thereon.

When to Check in Poker
Firstly, if no one on the table has passed a bet in the opening round yet, any one of the players may pass or ‘check’, which basically means that he or she is calling the current bet of zero. When a player checks, he is basically telling the rest of the table that he is not willing to make a bet as yet. in this case, it means that he does not wish to begin the round or open it, while also wanting to keep his cards close to his chest so that he can maintain the right to call or raise later on in the same round. All this can happen only if another opponent opens and finally starts the round. However, in case of games played with blinds and opening bets, one cannot take the liberty of checking the bet at zero since every player that decides to start the round must remember that he must open with the minimum bet amount for the game to progress and for the player to remain in the round.

In a round of poker, the player who has posted the big blind is the only one who has the right to raise on the first round, and this is called the ‘option’. On the other hand, if he refuses to raise, then it is said that he has ‘checked his option’. in case all the other players check, then the betting round is seen to be over with no extra money placed in the pot. This kind of round is often referred to as a free round. This will give you a general understanding of when to check in poker.

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